Momentum COVID-19 Safety Precautions

When we believe that each of you is a member of our family, we make every effort to provide for the safety and well-being of each student, teacher, and staff member who will be at Momentum. It’s our priority.

Since June, we have been practicing the following protocol to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

We have added air purifiers to our studio along with Closed Circuit cameras where parents may observe their students in class through the Spot TV app. More info will be in your registration on that.

Please observe the following procedures for the well-being and calm of everyone.

  1. Only dancers, teachers, and office staff members will be permitted in the studio and lobby areas.  Dancers shall be dropped off at the front door of the main building or the Lab for class.  Students will cue up for their respective rooms outside the building following the signage and direction of our parent and staff task force. Only send students in with a water bottle and small dance bag with shoes, if needed. Observe the dress code.

  2. Masks MUST be worn entering and exiting the studio.  Masks are not required in the studio rooms where physical distancing will be practiced.  No hands-on cueing will be given until it is safe to do so.  No holding of hands or partner work will be done in classes. Students with a cough, runny nose, fever or other viral symptoms will not be allowed to take class. Allergies are the exception. Do not come to the studio if you have recently been around someone with the coronavirus-19. 

  3. Dancers will be given hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the studio rooms. Some older students may be asked to assist with sanitizing their place at the ballet barre. The use of props for class will be very limited or not at all.

  4. Class sizes have been limited as follows:  Studio M - 6 Students. Studio C - 8 Students.  Studio D - 9 Students.  Studio Lab - 6 for Acro and 8 Students for other classes. These small classes provide an optimum learning situation!

  5. Air Conditioning and fans will be used in each studio and doors will be fully opened between classes. 

  6. Exiting the classroom will be toward the alleys.  Each room has an alley door. Students will wait along the wall to be picked up.  Any student who is not picked up on time will wait at the side of the studio on the artificial turf. 

  7. At this time, we prefer for the students to only eat outside of the studio.  That includes any snacking.  Students shall bring their own water bottles. No fountain water is available for now. 

  8. Office staff will be cleaning each hour in the common areas, counter, doors, lobby, and restrooms.  

  9. Zoom only classes will be offered as well the ability to Zoom into an in-person class where available.