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Heart Shape Confetti


Sat 1

We love watching you blossom on the stage Cali girl! We are so proud of you! Love Mommy, Daddy, Dax and baby Kai!

Aurora, we are so proud of you! – Mommy, Daddy, and Tycho


Rylee, We love watching you dance and excel on and off the stage! Your heart for dance and those around you is beautiful to watch. We are so proud of you!!


Aleeza, you are fantastic!!! You always continue to make us proud, we love you, princess! Keep on dancing

Paloma, Love seeing your beautiful smile light up the stage! Congrats!

Megan, We’re so proud of you, you’re an amazing daughter, sister, friend and a great dancer!! We love watching you dance on stage!! Shine bright baby girl! We love you!! -Mom, Dad, Sam & Danny

Milana, Can’t wait to see you shine on stage! Love Mom & Potato

Juliette, you make us so proud! We love you always, Mom, Dad, Grammy, Wolf, Marvin & Leo

Lucia - We are so proud of all of your hard work. Smile big and shine bright! We love you! Love Dad, Mom, and Mila

Mila - Congratulations on your first dance recital. We love seeing you dance and twirl with such joy and enthusiasm. We love you! Love Dad, Mom, and Lucia


We love to watch you dance, Macy! XO, Mom, Dad & Avery

Donna & Sabrina-We are proud of your dedication & love for dancing! Dance your heart out!

Amy, Your passion for dance is a melody that fills our hearts with pride and joy. Keep dancing, With all my love, now and forever.

Laney, Your passion for dance shines through in every step you take! We love you!


You are our shooting star, Sabrina! We love you, Mom & Dad

Kaiya, We are so proud of you. Have fun! We LOVE YOU !!! Love, Nutty and Lily


Indie & Marlie, you are beautiful dancers! We love you - Mom, Dad, Augie

Charlie & Audrey, We are so proud of you both! Love, Mommy & Daddy

Your dancing warms our hearts Haley Skye! We ❤️ you! Love, Mom, Dad & Greyson


Marissa, Congratulations on your Senior year! It has been an incredible journey! Thank you, Momentum for the amazing experiences. Love, Mom and Dad

Olivia, You are our beautiful and talented ballerina. We are so proud of you! Love you so much, Dad, Mom, & Justin xo

Dear Scarlett, great performance! we enjoy the show a lot! Love you to the moon and back. Daddy, Mommy, and Stella <3


Mimi, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Can’t wait to see you perform. We love you to the moon and back! Love Mommy, Daddy, Bella and Gavin

Katie L. ~ We are so proud of your amazing dancing. Love D-M-J-S

Dylan Jovana, our cutest lil dancer! We love you oodles! XOXO - Mama, Dada & Jagger

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