Presented by Momentum Dance & Performing Arts

A message from Cathy Lozano


Thank you all for joining us! Before the pandemic halted all plans in early 2020, our ballet last year, was slated to be “Frozen.”  Who knew that WE were the ones that would be going “Into the Unknown?”

Now we are “Over the Rainbow.”  We’ve once again begun to journey into “The Great Outdoors.” With the unusual year and a half that we’ve had, we are so grateful that you are spending your time with us to celebrate all who have danced through thick and thin!  We’ve all learned to be flexible and adapt to our ever- changing world. Today we are “Red Carpet Ready and couldn’t be happier about this moment to share with you. Thank you for supporting us along the way.  Now, on with the show!  Enjoy!

Click a link below to view the recital program.

"Over the Rainbow"- Tues. 4:30

"The Great Outdoors" - Tues. 6:00

"Red Carpet Ready"- Tues. 8:00

"Red Carpet Ready"- Wed. 6:00

"The Great Outdoors"- Wed. 8:00

MOMENTUM FACULTY: Kyreeana Alexander, Amber Case, Aaliyah Cota-Griffin, Katy Cortines, Austin Crumley, Katie Daly, Shelby Henderson, Sarah Johnston, Sophie Langenwalter, Dante Lara, Chris Liu, Crissy Lozano, Cathy Lozano, Blaire Ostendorf,  Jaclyn Rincon, Sammi Waugh, Jenny White, and Kaitlin Wright

JUNIOR TEACHERS: Gabriella Marhoefer, Makenna Smith
Office Staff- Alejandra Rubio, Sophia Langenwalter, Jaclyn Rincon, Makenna Smith, Karen Viloria


PROGRAM DESIGN– Kaitlin Wright


Special, special thanks to our friends at the Muckenthaler Cultural Arts Center Staff
And to ALL our Parent Volunteers behind the scenes!  We love you and couldn’t do any of it without your support!